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48 x 96
1 Sides
Cal Vinyl Gloss Sticker
1/2 SB1s 1 Sided Coating
4x4x8 wood posts with lag bolts | Qty: 2

Rigid signs are the key to optimizing your personal or business-related projects. We currently carry a number of different rigid sign materials, available to accommodate your needs, including: Foam Boards, PVC and Polystyrene Boards, Cardboards, Corrugated Plastic Boards and more, coming soon. You can use these durable signs for advertising, campaigning, wall art, promotions, events, openings, real estate, and so much more. There is no limit to what you can do with our tough rigid signs, and with proper care and storage, they will continue to perform for a long time.


Cal Vinyl Gloss Sticker
4 mil gloss digital vinyl is an PVC calendared film with clear, permanent, pressure-sensitive solvent adhesive. It is designed for indoor and short-term outdoor graphics. Rated for outdoor durability up to 4 years. 90# lay flat liner.

1/2 SB1s 1 Sided Coating
Omega SignBoard features a hardwood core composed of a premium, exterior furniture-grade plywood with smooth, tight, sanded veneers for optimum surface beauty. With its brilliant white vinyl vinish, the surface of Omega SignBoard is impact-resistant and formulated with high-performance UV.

4x4x8 wood posts with lag bolts
Sturdy aluminum stand, Travel friendly, includes carrying case, Available in three sizes, light, quick and easy set up