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24 x 36
1 Sides
Window Perf 70/30

Perforated window signs make the most of your window 'real estate.' They can be customized to cover your entire store window, giving your business maximum exposure. However, perforated window signs also provide benefits on the other side of the glass. The little holes in the adhesive material let light inside,so employees and customers get a clear view of the outside. That's why perforated window signs are also known as one-way vision signs. You can get full coverage on the outside, without making the inside dark and claustrophobic.


Window Perf 70/30
70/30 White on Black perforated self adhesive vinyl with 30% transparency and a removable, pressure-sensitive adhesive, featuring a white Replacement Liner. This film allows an image to be seen on the outside of a window while allowing viewing through from the inside. 30% transparency for a bolder image, For use on flat or gently curved surfaces only.