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Solid Color Cut Vinyl
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Application Mask Tape

Our SOLID COLOR decals are made for outdoor use and can be applied to any clean and smooth surface. What you design will be a product of your own imagination and creativity. Some customers call these decals "window stickers" however we reserve a distinction between decals and stickers. Our decals are made from a plastic based material and by default have adhesive on the backside. You can expect your decal to come sandwiched between a release liner and transfer tape. Removal of the liner will expose the adhesive of the decal and transfer tape. Once applied to your clean and smooth surface you can then remove the transfer tape. More detailed application directions are sent with ever decal order. Weeding is very time consuming on intricate graphics. We do offer cutting only if you would like to weed the graphics yourself. See Non Weeded Vinyl Stickers.


Solid Color Cut Vinyl
Vinyl is a high gloss, polymeric calendared vinyl marking film featuring exceptional flexibility, durability and resistance to sunlight, and recommended for short-term outdoor and long-term indoor applications. This film can be used for architectural signage, POP graphics, decals, banners, striping, window graphics and lettering. 3.2 mil 78# Liner, Outdoor durability up to 5 years, For flat and simple curves.

Contour Cut Large Items Weeded
1 inch or larger items weeded. Contour cutting is the process of cutting along a detailed predetermined shape or following the very contour of the design. Weeding is the term we use to describe the process of removing the unwanted vinyl not part of the graphic.

Application Mask Tape
Application Mask Tape, High tack, all purpose application tape with lay flat characteristics. Offers superior adhesion to liner, Sticks to slick release liners, Graphics do not dog ear & stick together, Fewer problems when shipping rolled graphics, Better looking applied graphics with fewer wrinkles & bubbles