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Heat Transfer Full Color w/mask
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Transfer Graphic to Media

Not surprisingly, you can see heat transfer shirts at schools, communities, parties, charities on a daily basis. And most of our customers put them on a variety of apparel, including sports jerseys, T-shirts, performance apparel, jackets, and more! Itís has more application besides Colorful Print & Cut Heat Transfers! It has many more applications beyond the usual print and cut heat transfers. It is becoming the choice for all ages and sexes. Try it and you will find more and more uses. How about hats, shoes, or tote bags?


Heat Transfer Full Color w/mask
Printable heat transfer PU film with the best compromise between easy cutting and soft feel. Light, stretchable, very easy to cut and with high washing fastness. High quality opaque polyurethane film and is PVC-free. Suitable for standard textiles cotton, polyester & cotton/poly blends. Requires Transfer Tape.

Halo Cut Only
Halo cutting is the process of cutting around the outer edge of a printed image in a predetermined shape or following the very contour of the design.

Transfer Graphic to Media
Heat Transfer Graphic to Media Suitable for standard textiles cotton, polyester & cotton/poly blends. Temperature 330f Transfer Time for best fastness: 7 seconds followed by 15 seconds direct repressing w/o transfer tape. Turn this option off if you want to iron on the graphic DIY.