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24 x 36
1 Sides
Cal Vinyl Gloss 3M Air Release
Cal Vinyl GLOSS Overlaminate

Market your business with customized and eye catching car stickers and instantly grab the attention of your target audience every time you hit the road! Adoring your vehicle such as truck, car, SUC with car decals has become a commonplace these days. Whether you are a small business or a big organization, car stickers can add a great boost to your promotional campaign. Hundreds of thousands of people see your vehicle as it commutes along the road. Why not make a lasting impression on these people by utilizing your very own vehicle as an effective promotional tool?


Cal Vinyl Gloss 3M Air Release
5 year Gloss Digital vinyl is a premium calendered 3 mil gloss white PVC film with a grey tinted, permanent adhesive. The pigmented adhesive provides increased opacity when covering existing graphics or dark colored substrates. This reduces bleed through from the existing background color or image. The 90# patterned liner creates air-egress channels in the adhesive to help reduce wrinkling and air bubbles. Suitable for indoor and outdoor graphics.

Cal Vinyl GLOSS Overlaminate
3 mil monomeric overlaminating vinyl with clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Provides abrasion resistance and UV protection to extend the life of graphics and signage. For flat and simple curves, 68# release liner eliminates orange peel.